CWB Resource Group is a virtual talent management organization providing leadership, employee, and team development services across both the private and public sectors.  Our configuration allows us to select the consultants with the best expertise and industry experience for each assignment. Having a multi-disciplined team allows CWB Resource Group the capacity to provide a wide variety of products and services:

• Off-the-shelf assessment tools
• Employee and leadership development courseware
• Certified leadership workshop facilitators
• Customized curriculum design and development expertise
• Blended learning solutions with eLearning and mobile capabilities
• Continuous improvement courseware and expertise

Celeste Barros, Founder of CWB Resource Group, has a 30-year history working to achieve large and small scale training initiatives from enhancing individual performance to supervisory, management, team and leadership skill development.

Celeste Barros and her team of senior facilitators are highly skilled, extensively certified, and credentialed in their respective fields. CWB classroom facilitators create a comfortable environment for learning –  encouraging and engaging participants so learning and development are maximized.

Our instructional designers create customized learning materials for instructor-led training as well as on-the-go, bite-sized learning.  They apply a proven training methodology which expands learning well beyond the classroom and provides opportunities to address real work projects and situations.

CWB Resource Group is certified by the State of Connecticut as a Woman-Owned / Minority Business Enterprise.