Our coaching engagements work with every level of leadership in industry and academic institutions. These engagements vary in scope and focus.

We support the executive in taking action to move beyond familiar and often ineffective patterns of behavior and provide feedback crucial for success.

In a PWC survey in 2015, coaching was proven to generate a return on investment of 7 times the initial investment. 25% of those surveyed reported an ROI of 10-49 times the cost. Think about your bottom line, and the productivity of your team – what impact would that have on your business?

Take a look at our resources for increasing executive effectiveness:

360 Online Feedback

Gather feedback utilizing an online 360 instrument that provides the executive with constructive feedback from those individuals in key workplace positions—staff, peers, leaders, customers and other colleagues. We provide tailored 360 feedback measuring key competencies and performance areas specific to the executive and organization.

Communication and behavioral assessments provide the executive with additional insight into his/her natural tendencies when communicating and interacting with others.

We recommend using the Everything DISC® suite of products:

Our coaching engagements work with every level of leadership in industry and academic institutions. These engagements vary in scope and focus and include these resources:

Leadership/Professional Development

  • provide assessment tools to gain insight into the leader’s current style and the impact on others and results
  • assist the leader in interpreting the feedback and creating effective, actionable development plans
  • facilitate open, constructive dialogue with the executive and his/her leader when appropriate
  • guide the leader through the development process providing resources, tools, and insights
  • support new leaders taking on a significant change in responsibility and authority
  • offer strategies and skill building opportunities to promote effective conflict resolution

Organizational/Cultural Change

  • provide training and development resources including facilitating change management workshops for leaders and staff members
  • lead an assessment process for identifying personal needs and preferences as well as assessing a group’s culture – advantages and disadvantages
  • guide the leader as he/she navigates the organization/team through a significant change initiative – e.g. leadership change, organizational and staff changes, geographic moves, change in direction or focus, product changes

Team Development

  • provide tools and resources to assess overall team performance and recommend strategies for enhancing team performance
  • facilitate open, constructive dialogue among team members as they work through team development goals
  • coach individual leader to enhance his/her skills in leading a team building initiative
  • support team members in their efforts to build a cohesive team

“Ms. Barros presented a coherent, developmental approach to assessing and working first with me and my leadership team … She regularly raises critical questions and provides observations that I have found very helpful…. She manages to be both supportive and candid which is critical to the coaching relationship.”

Nina  Rovinelli Heller, PhD
Dean of the School of Social Work
University of Connecticut

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